CE certified FFP2 masks

In this article we try to learn more about the different types of masks available on the market, an indispensable means of protection.

There are disposable masks, others that can be reused because they are washable, finally the certified masks that offer complete respiratory protection, in particular in the case of FFP2 certified masks, which block the fine dust and water vapor present in the air.

Masks are often used in the industrial sector to protect against dust up to 10xVELP, water vapor, but also oil, which are the result of the use of hazardous powders in the pharmaceutical industry or in the processing of fibers. In other cases, these masks protect against biological agents, as in the case of the passage of viruses and bacteria that are blocked at 95%.

The best protective masks are made of water-repellent materials, obviously, to prevent water vapors and droplets from being ingested by our body through breathing.


CE certified masks are usually made up of several layers, the first of which in contact with the skin of the face is made of cotton. The second layer is in TNT, to retain dust and other possible pathogens. The third layer of the masks is fleece, to ensure that the product lasts a long time.

These masks defined by the FFP2 and FFP3 regulations are facial filtering devices that are often used in the health sector to protect those who use them from external agents, such as defense against transmission of infections by droplets.

These are CE certified masks since they are created according to technical standards UNI EN 49: 2009, according to Legislative Decree n. 475/1992. This legislation specifies the requirements for filter masks, so as to guarantee their efficiency, breathability during use, and the stability of the mask itself which is tested by technical tests during the production phase.

The washable masks, on the other hand, can be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine and therefore prove to be reusable over time.

Disposable masks always have an anti-virus, anti-pollen and antibacterial function, but cannot be used again after wearing them. Even in this case, however, the mask protections have a 95% efficiency.


On Petti Home you will find FFP2 certified masks , which are washable cotton masks for protection from viruses and external agents.

On Petti Artigiani Italiani, you will also find sartorial masks < / a>, always washable and reusable, made up of three layers. Their function is to retain dust and any external pathogens, and even if in this case it is not a medical-sanitary device, this type of mask is in any case formed by water-repellent material, so that it prevents droplets and water vapors from being ingested.

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