Cover a square and a half: how to choose them and when they are good

The one-and-a-half square covers are a great proposal and solution for our bedroom. Choosing the down jacket is not easy; we have to consider the fabric, the size, the color, the style. There are numerous brands that can offer you quality and endurance, such as Petti Home Italian Craftsmen.

How to choose the duvet cover

New bedroom trends indicate that colors and shades are the most important part. Pillows, duvet covers, sheet, mattress: everything plays a fundamental role for our sleep as well. In fact, it is important to invest in a high quality product: we check that the tissues are anallergic. 

There are so many duvet covers to choose from that it's not easy at all. Nowadays, it is not only the attention to the material and the fabric, but also and above all to the style. The duvet cover gives a light and fresh look to our bed, and as a result increases the design of the bedroom. 

Very important is precisely the fabric invoice: anti mite, anti allergic. When we choose a quality mattress, as a result we want the bedding to be just as good. And so we have a bed in which to rest at best, relax without any problem, especially if we suffer from allergies or asthma. 

When the duvet covers are good: on what type of bed

What bed are the duvet covers from one and a half square okay for? We can evaluate it for a single bed or at most from one and a half squares. They are particularly suitable for the latter type, as they adhere to the mattress perfectly. A little tip: always check the measurements before buying one. 

For the choice of colors and shades, however, the choice is totally subjective. Each of us, in fact, has at the end of our personal tastes: modern, classic style, varied prints or a unique color. The important thing is to focus only on quality. 

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