Double quilt: the maximum for the bedroom

Warm, comfort and style are the 3 ingredients for a perfect double quilt: which to choose and where to buy quality home linen. For those who are considering the double quilt, we thought we would tell you about this precious accessory for the bedroom. With the arrival of winter and cold the only thing we want is to be able to protect ourselves and sleep a serene sleep, without changes in temperature. For those who live, then, in very cold places, it is essential to choose the best linen for the bedroom.

Marriage quilt: why it is indispensable

The double quilt, basically, is a very useful addition to the bed in the middle of winter, since inside there is a special padding that allows you to protect yourself from frost. Padding can be of two types: synthetic or natural. Mainly, at the sight, we could perceive the quilts as aesthetically similar, but the touch varies a lot precisely according to the padding.

Of course, there is another aspect to consider: the synthetic quilt costs much less than the natural double quilt. As for synthetic duvets, the material used for padding is polyester fiber. The coating of these quilts is at the discretion of the seller: there are some synthetics that nevertheless have a cotton coating.

There are also feather rubber quilts, very durable and generating good warmth. Moreover, before buying quilts, we absolutely recommend that you check their heat points, on a scale of 1 to 5. The quilt with 5 heat points is for the stiffer environments, while 1 heat point indicates that it can be used in warmer environments.

The quilts to choose from: some styles

Choosing a piece of furniture today means having the opportunity to evaluate various styles, colors and shades that we like. As we have seen before, describing the types of quilts on the market and talking about the heat points, we must basically check, before buying it, the material of the padding and outer coating.

In this way we will be sure to make a good purchase, but of course we should not underestimate the aesthetic component. The styles to choose from are many: there are super elegant quilts on the market, which make their figure and that allow you to have a dream bedroom. Or, there are more classic quilts, with flower or single-color prints.

A very important point to remember is that the quilt must be kept at its best; the maintenance of the duvet will affect the duration over time of the duvet. Among the most important tips, we can mention to air the quilt at least once a week and to wash it once a year with the proper instructions.

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On Pettihome's shop, you can find all the linen for the house: from the bed to the sofa, also carpets and chair covers essential to keep the quality of your furniture high. Choosing laundry for the home is not easy, since it is important to look for a certain quality of materials. Thus, we always focus on the maximum, on the perfect materials, which offer not only aesthetics, but above all that quality that will make the difference.

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