Microfibre cloths: from towels to beach towels and bathrobes

Have you ever delved into the benefits of microfiber cloths? There are numerous fabrics that offer excellent features. We must certainly consider a fabric before buying it, especially for laundry for the home and beyond. We list, therefore, the advantages of microfiber and why it is an excellent fabric.

Microfibre: benefits and features 

First of all, compared to other materials, microfiber is a fabric created by man. It is used from household products to clothing. Thin and durable, it is composed of yarn that are woven together. The appearance of the microfiber fabric is undoubtedly much brighter: the color will look full and alive. 

Despite multiple washing machines, microfiber cloths last much longer. The washability is in fact very high and, moreover, they have a truly amazing breathable capacity. In the field of clothing, they look very good on them, they do not cause allergies or skin problems. The linen of the house in microfiber therefore combines two essential aspects: aesthetics and comfort. 

Towels, beach towels and microfiber bathrobes

Microfiber products are really interesting. As we have seen, the advantages of this fabric are manifold. On the market, we can find numerous brands that deal with these products, especially offering unparalleled quality and endurance. Petti Home Italian Craftsmen is for example one of the most interesting brands on fabrics. 

The beach towel is a product that we often buy, and we definitely need a quality fabric. After all, we will need to stay on the beach, but also to dry and therefore, if we suffer from allergies, it is important to decide a good fabric for the skin. We always check for excellence and look for it in the products we buy. 

Microfibre bathrobes offer additional benefits. The bathrobe itself is an indispensable home product. To dry the skin after showering or bathing, we choose a quality bathrobe, with a microfiber fabric, to avoid damaging the skin or having long-term consequences. 

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