Rugs, tablecloths and cushions for your kitchen

The kitchen has always been the most experienced and central environment of your home. Your kitchen is the place where the whole family comes together after a long and tiring day of study and work, the area where you can welcome friends and spend quality time together.

The real original Italian Pettihome style kitchen

Decorate your living area with the creativity of Petti Artigiani Italiani

The functional purpose of this space meets the visual aesthetic pleasure thanks to the original textile furnishings which can only be purchased on Petti Artigiani Italiani, which combine design, quality and comfort.

Choosing the decorative elements for your kitchen and living area requires careful analysis not only of the spaces, but of the entire home environment. Selecting and buying the perfect textile accessories for your kitchen is by no means a simple choice! Precisely for this reason Pettihome provides you with a wide choice of decorative furnishing solutions capable of responding effectively to any need, allowing you to enjoy the home's culinary environment pleasantly.

The accessories for your kitchen by Petti Artigiani Italiani are practical, comfortable, of the highest quality, personalized, with a fresh aesthetic and an all-Italian design! < / p>

Kitchens to live: furnish your space with the perfect accessories

Our daily life is characterized by frenetic rhythms and small moments of relaxation, for this reason the kitchen becomes the environment where the main housework is concentrated and the perfect meeting place for friends and family and it is essential to choose and buy accessories high quality products.

Satisfy your aesthetic taste

Do you like modern cooking? Do you prefer classic cuisine? Pettihome has the perfect solution for all your aesthetic and functional needs and requests! American style, Shabby Chic style, Country style, Contemporary, decorative, elegant ... we can satisfy any taste and any need!

Start immediately to totally customize your kitchen with Petti

Trust us, the best way to personalize your kitchen and living area to the maximum is to change the textile accessories that decorate your environment often. You can choose for the winter shades and light textures, based on neutral palettes that tend to visually enlarge the space.

Or you can prefer bright colors and warm palettes, more suitable for the summer, which convey incredible energy and vitality!

The textile furnishing accessories by Petti Artigiani Italiani for your kitchen contribute to effective, functional and aesthetic planning of the environment by creating a fantastic compositional mix of colors , shapes and fantastic high definition digital prints. It is precisely our textiles that give character and style to your environment, thanks to the design of products that offer interesting combinations of shapes, colors and materials.

The original textiles for Pettihome's kitchen

Resistant, colorful, patterned, imaginative, elegant, modern, fun: they are the original Petti Artigiani Italian textiles for the kitchen and living area, which contribute to the functionality of the rooms and the aesthetic rendering of your home!

Tablecloths, placemats, runners, cushions, rugs , are all essential elements to better enjoy your furniture and decorations for your kitchen. When choosing the perfect textile, it is important for you to take into account the surrounding furniture, the fabrics you love, the colors you prefer and that perfectly match your home!

Patterns, patterns and material mixes characterize this type of textile furnishing element, which is not only extremely useful, but is also capable of combining functionality and design. In the kitchen section of our online shop you can find all those fantastic products dedicated to the home, such as rugs, runners, stain-proof tablecloths and much more…

Each of us cares about our kitchen in particular: someone prefers it colorful and lively, a dynamic and functional environment in which to spend time with their family. Others prefer soft colors and modern furnishings to satisfy their need for order and organization.

There is no perfect kitchen, but only the one you eventually fall in love with.

Pettihome can advise you which products to buy for your home, our company always puts the customer and his needs first! Trying to satisfy every request with a very high quality level offered.

We at Petti Artigiani Italiani believe that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and certainly the most experienced by the whole family. Precisely for this reason, thinking about the kitchens of millions of Italians, we realized that often there is no combination or relationship between the various textile elements of this environment! We have therefore decided to provide all our customers on our online store with a complete assortment of rugs, runners, stain-proof tablecloths and chair cushions perfect for any environment.

Carpets and Runners for the Kitchen

Do you want a fantastic carpet for your kitchen ?? Can't find the perfect one among the many online proposals? Are you desperate for a runner to prevent splashing water, juice, sauces, food or anything else from ending up on the floor?

Then you are on the right shop! Pettihome presents you with the best selection of carpets and runners for the kitchen that share the value of Italian aesthetics and design with incredible practicality and functionality.

Our stain and non-slip rugs for the kitchen and the living area will completely change your way of living at home and will give you a fantastic new modern and fun environment, thanks to the many patterns and decorations available!

Stain-resistant tablecloth, kitchen table cover with high definition digital printing

On Petti Artigiani Italiani you find the best tablecloths for your kitchen table , to protect and personalize it. We know it well, the table is a real business card of the house for your guests, if it is set with taste and style your guests will immediately feel more comfortable and will not be looking forward to sitting together with your family to share a happy dinner.

The tablecloths or table covers that you find only on Pettihome, in addition to safeguarding the surface of your table from scratches and dirt, will give your room a touch of liveliness and joy. Thanks to the personalized and exclusive high definition digital prints of Petti Artigiani Italiani you can cover the table in your kitchen or living area giving a new modern look and a gritty character to your home!

Pettihome tablecloths or table covers are stain-resistant and are available in many different patterns and decorations that will satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of even the most demanding!

Comfortable chair cushions

Finally on Pettihome you can also find a huge selection of chair cushions to combine with your original stain-proof tablecloth and your kitchen runner! Our chair cushions are quilted, of the highest production quality and are decorated with wonderful high definition prints.

If you are looking for comfortable and modern kitchen cushions that adapt to your home environment, you are in the right place! On the Petti Artigiani Italiani online shop you can choose from a wide range of chair cushions which, in addition to ensuring a comfortable seat, will protect your chairs from wear and tear and give your kitchen the grit you have always desired.

Colored, cheerful, fun, modern, elegant cushions ... have fun with Pettihome to make your home unique, immediately find the most suitable fantasy for your kitchen!

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