Total relaxation with a thousand shades

The sofa is clearly an indispensable accessory: spending peaceful moments with loved ones and enjoying personal relaxation is an integral part of our daily life.

Taking care of them is essential, which is why PETTI Artigiani Italiani creates Salvadivani: comfortable, stable, resistant and with original patterns chosen to enhance any type of furniture.

The creations of PETTI Artigiani Italiani meet everyone's needs: you can protect the sofa without hiding it with the Sofa Cover, an evolution of the classic Sofa Cover , designed, however, to cover only the parts most subject to wear: first of all, the backrest and seat

Let yourself be inspired and choose the sofa protector suitable for your space, with a peninsula if you are a lover of absolute relaxation or without to offer happy moments to your guests.

Travel in our creations!