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Christmas Oven Cover for Kitchen in Elf Digital Print 1pc 40x50cm

Christmas Oven Cover for Kitchen in Elf Digital Print 1pc 40x50cm

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CHEST Italian Artisans

Kitchen Oven Cover in Digital Printing 1pc 40x50cm

Anyone who loves to have a tidy and trendy kitchen can't do without an oven cover

What is it about?

The oven cover is a particular fabric panel that is used to beautify your kitchen or to hide the food stored in the oven or to hide any defects of an oven that is no longer new

Choosing to use an oven cover can give new life to a fundamental element of the kitchen which, although still perfectly functional, has lost its initial beauty over time: the glass deteriorates and becomes opaque and stains can form caused by cleaning with wrong products

Very often the oven is also used as a sideboard

Those who have a small kitchen may in fact find themselves having to "hide" pans and other saucepans inside the oven. Those who do not like to show this alternative use of the oven can then choose to use the oven cover so as not to point out the presence of these objects inside the oven

But the oven cover can also be used only for aesthetic purposes to give an extra touch of order and beauty to your kitchen

The oven cover by PETTI Artigiani Italiani is available in many patterns in Digital Printing

What will you receive at home? Kitchen oven cover in Cotton of the chosen pattern of the size 1pc 40x50cm

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